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Directed by Ms. Jamie Bennett -

Color Guard is a high-energy, adrenaline-rushing sport that advances students into a new area of performing and visual arts. The color guard is a make-up of all the visual arts including dance, gymnastics, theater, acrobatics, equipment manipulation, and visual color all rolled into one. This is why we call color guard the Sport of the Arts!



The Color Guard provides the visual and musical color along with overall general effect to the shows in the marching band.




The guard is heavily dance-oriented and uses several varieties of dance, including ballet, jazz, and modern styles.

During the spring season, the guard performs dazzling and elaborate visual shows set to music on a gym floor. The members of the winter guard compete against other color guards in the state of Texas, and they also compete in the state championships at the end of the season.

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! We will teach you everything you need to know

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Earn your PE and Fine Arts credit at the same time! 


The Color Guard is always looking for new members. As a member of the color guard, every member receives...

  • Extensive education in dance (ballet, modern, and expressive movement)

  • Learn how to spin different types of equipment (flags, rifle, sabers)

  • Spring trips all around the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, Disney World, etc..)

  • High school football games

  • Competitions across the state

  • Really fun get-togethers and parties

  • Compete on a Varsity level your freshmen year

  • Earn a letter jacket!

We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic, and energetic students to be a part of our organization. Tryouts are very easy. If you have a great positive attitude, willingness to succeed and work very hard, you will have a great shot at being accepted into the color guard. Don’t be scared. Come and see what we are all about. You will have more fun than you can possibly imagine! So come tryout for the color guard! You will have the time of your life!

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